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aniligital music releases

ALG-019 - Emmylou's Underwater Petting Zoo
Ok, a 4th (of three 12 inches) released in support of Tal M. Klein's Plastic Starfish album. Features remixes by Cubase Dan, Omegaman, and Neighbour.

ALG-017 - That Ain't No Mermaid
The third of three 12 inches released in support of Tal M. Klein's Plastic Starfish album. Features remixes by Quincy Jointz and Anthony Mansfield w/ help from Mustafa.

ALG-016 - Houston Brownwater Moccasins
The second of three 12 inches released in support of Plastic Starfish. Features remixes by Qdup Foundation and B-Team.

ALG-015 - Neptune's Minty Trident
The first of three 12 inches released in support of Tal's Plastic Starfish album. Features remixes by K'Bonus and All Good Funk Alliance.

ALG-014 - All Your Beats v2
This limited edition release features tracks by Tal M. Klein, T Spigot, Nick Zlonis, El Jefe, Prehensile, Dert, Bigside Left, Cleo's Apartment, DJ Fuc, Danny K, Skizzo Franick, Mercurial, and Irian Jaya

ALG-013 - Tal M. Klein - Bovine Transmissions
This limited edition release is available as a free download for one year from the date of it's release

ALG-011 - Irian Jaya vs. Tal M. Klein - Chili Con Carne
This 12" includes the Glasgow Second Nature mix featuring Tantrum and LGee

ALG-010 - Irian Jaya - Bębado de Novo
This 12" features remixes by Tal M. Klein and DJ Fuc

ALG-009 - Tal M. Klein vs. Irian Jaya - Chu Chin Chow
This 12" was the first release supporting Tal M. Klein's release Alpha-Beats - it features remixes by DJ Fuc, and Irian Jaya featuring Ike of Spain

ALG-008 - Tal M. Klein - Alpha-Beats
This CD is perhaps Tal M. Klein's greatest album to date. In this release Tal (of Trancenden fame) demonstrates his most advanced production techniques yet spread across 26 tracks. Featured collaborators include Skizzo Franick, Irian Jaya, Bigside Left and more

ALG-007 - Trancenden - Free Love
This CD single was produced as a promotional item and therefore never released. It features Trancenden's 'Free Love' with bonus tracks by Wristrazor

ALG-006 - All Your Beats Are Belong To Us
(the definitive funky breaks compilation)
This CD release features tracks by Cleo's Apartment, Trancenden, Irian Jaya, Bigside Left, t spigot, Skizzo Franick, and t.vs.T

ALG-005 - Trancenden - The Love Beats
EP supporting Trancenden's 'Peace Love Beats'

ALG-003 - Trancenden - DJ's Delight EP
(second pressing/white sleeve)
same track list as ALG-T-002

ALG-T-002 - Trancenden - DJ's Delight
The 1997 EP the started it all. Featuring DJ's Delight, 3 2 1, Hit The Deck, and more

ALG-T-001 - Trancenden - Zen and The Art Of Insanity
Although released as a very limited promo (around 100 copies) this CD quickly set the standard by which all furture Aniligital projects would be judged. Featuring the classics - Scenes from New York, DJ's Delight, and Hit The Deck - sights were set high from the start - that was 1997

releases outside of aniligital music

DBC CD 010 - Trancenden - Peace Love Beats
Now on it's 3rd pressing - Peace Love Beats defined the funky breaks genre for Aniligital Music

[NO NUMBER] - Empath vs. Trancenden
less than 100 copies were made of this 1998 promo

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