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  Aniligital Music, LLC
3145 Geary Blvd., #704
San Francisco, CA   94118-3316

Tal is the founder and driving force behind Aniligital Music and a true connoisseur of beat-driven music. Over the years he has established himself as one of the key innovators in the field of electronic music. As an artist and producer, Tal has released 7 full albums and collaborated on many more. Talís experience as a radio DJ, club DJ, and musician has developed in him an intrinsic sense of what it takes to make great music, having started because there wasnít enough of the sort of music he wanted to hear. Tal brings this all into focus with his role at Aniligital Music. Tal has received Information Science and Eastern Philosophy degrees from Long Island University. Talís responsibilities at Aniligital Music include strategy, production management, and supervision of all sales and marketing activities.

director / a&r
Ryan is an experienced artist manager and record producer. His insightful ear to music and dedicated business ethic has earned him a reputation for honesty rarely found in the entertainment industry. Ryanís ability to recognize and develop quality music and musicians is unparalleled. Since joining Aniligital Music, Ryan has procured many licensing and exposure opportunities for the Aniligital artists, as well as dramatically increased revenue to the company. Ryanís responsibilities include artist management, operations management, production and design supervision, accounting, sales, and promotion.

director / public relations
Richard holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Cum Laude, from Mars Hill College with a concentration in management and marketing. While in college, Richard served as Music Director and RPM director for WVMH 90.5 FM where he managed all college radio station activities including DJs, all musical content, news, public service announcements; CMJ (College Music Journal) magazine correspondent; record label correspondent, and music industry relations. Richardís responsibilities at Aniligital Music include supervision over financials as well as aspects of marketing & promotion.

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