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aniligital music artists (in alphabetical order)

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bigside left
Bigside Left, formerly known as Earshot, is the brainchild of Ryan Herrold. Hailing from New York City, Ryan's music epitomizes the funky breaks genre. The Bigside Left focus is on beat driven music that is accessibile rather than avant-garde. The music manages to be both intelligent and listenable, a rare feat in today’s saturated breakbeat market. Bigside Left's combination of slick production with lo-fi samples and found sounds makes for an intensely pleasurable listening experience.

cleo's apartment
Cleo's Apartment is a band whose sound has been described as "music that snatches your brain in Iowa and drags it into the cold depths of space, as scratchy breakbeats propel you into the darkness, organs, guitars, and horn samples keep you warm and breathing." (Listen 4/00) Cleo's Apartment collaborators, Jeff Blanchard and Mike Huss, tap into their diverse backgrounds and musical tastes to produce their trademark jazzy breaks.

DJ Fuc
DJ Fuc is Jose from Finland. That's all you get to know for now.

irian jaya
Irian Jaya are Chris Renwick and Doug Summers from Glasgow, Scotland. Irian Jaya have been producing electronic music together in excess of 6 years. The origin of their unique funky breaks sound can be traced back to their tenure in Hong Kong during the UK DJ explosion. After 2 years, having covered much the of South East Asia scene, the pair returned to Glasgow. The influences of their time in South East Asia time are featured strongly in the music they produce.

Tal M. Klein
One of the premier electronic artists from New York City, now on the West coast, Tal M. Klein and Trancenden make addictive music ranging from jazzy breakbeats to funky trip hop tunes. Trancenden's sound is unique and very recognizeable, Tal's gritty beats have earned him worldwide attention, and his tracks and remixes have appeared on numerous releases and compilations.

t spigot
Gilmore and Spunky make mind-warping tunes on keys, turntables, guitar, bass, sequencers, and anything else that makes noise. They have been featured on Shadow Records and Water Music compilations. Their distinct IDM-influenced trip hop and breaks music has been featured as background music on everything from MTV to National Geographic.

t vs. T
An electronic music collaboration featuring t spigot and Trancenden focusing entirely on playing funky electronic music live. No laptops, just synths, samplers, guitars, bass, decks, and all the good stuff. t.vs.T's live rigs are a legendarys staple in San Francisco because they look like big robots. All t.vs.T released tracks are recorded at live shows.

skizzo franick
Skizzo Franick is Philipp Peltz from Munich, Germany. A self-described "Rhodes Freak," his use of beautiful keyboard and guitar melodies over funky beats is unmatched. He has no trouble crossing genres while maintaining the perfect blend of elements, whether they be real instruments or samples, and the results are always astonishing to the ear.

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