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all about aniligital music

The Record Label

Aniligital Music is a San Francisco based independent record label started in 1997 by DJ Tal M. Klein. Over the years Aniligital Music has developed an incredibly talented stable of DJs, producers, and live acts including Irian Jaya, Skizzo Franick, T Spigot, Cleo's Apartment, Bigside Left, DJ Fuc, and others. Together we form a rabid group of international music enthusiasts who live for making and playing music.

Media Services

With such a strong group of musicians and producers it was only a matter of time before Aniligital became inundated with requests from advertising agencys and production houses seeking to use our sound in their projects. With a huge music catalog and the abilty to produce top quality custom music in record time Aniligital will be providing the music beds for your favorite movies, television programs, and commercials for years to come.

A&R Services

With our unique focus we are able to guide our artists safely through the music business (music law, contracts, publishing, royalties, etc.) at a higher level than they would otherwise achieve independently. By coordinating the day-to-day general management and all aspects of publicity and promotion (bookings, press kits, bios, etc.) we leave our artists free to focus on creating music and performing - allowing them to reach their full potential.

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